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+372 514 2046
Merimetsa 123, 80027 Pärnu, Pärnumaa
+372 514 2046
Merimetsa 123, 80027 Pärnu, Pärnumaa
Põ was founded in 2014, when we were granted the right to represent Ekopanely in the Baltics and in Scandinavia. Since then we have found and connected with many clients who, like us, appreciate natural construction materials and the benefits gained from building with them. Straw panels have been used and can be found in numerous happy homes.

Our goal is to raise people’s awareness about the benefits of using natural materials in the construction of their homes. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the materials and the technology needed to ensure the best possible microclimate for their homes. We are convinced that using straw panels in construction helps us to achieve this goal.


Retail sale of straw panels

Sales & erection of catalogue houses built from straw panels

Designing and planning of dwellings built from straw panels
  •     Single homes
  •     Semi-detached houses
  •     Terraced houses
  •     Apartment buildings

Designing and planning of small houses built of straw panels
  •     Summerhouses
  •     Garden houses
  •     Ancillary bulidings (saunas, sheds, garages)

Designing and planning of public buildings built of straw panels
  •     Kindergartens
  •     Schools
  •     Youth centers, etc.
Construction of sound studios

Renovation of old buildings

Application of additional insulation for buildings
Tegevusalapuuga seotud valdkonnad:

- building works, materials, facades, roofs
- building works
- house projects
- log houses, wooden houses
- müraisolatsioon, heliisolatsioon
- straw panel house, straw panels
- thermoinsulation works
- saunas
- building of saunas
- ready-made saunas

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