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KARL BILDER OÜ finishing materials, wallpapers, floors

+372 606 2220
Peterburi tee 52a, 11415 Tallinn, Harjumaa
+372 606 2229
+372 606 2220
Peterburi tee 52a, 11415 Tallinn, Harjumaa
+372 606 2229

Karl Bilder specializes in selling finishing materials. We are offering the best and most competent service in the industry and advise our clients in both fields – interior and exterior finishing works –, helping them to find the right products for all needs and right solutions for all kinds of questions concerning finishing jobs. 

We are offering variety of materials for finishing jobs – indoor & outdoor paint and decorative  coatings, adhesives, lacquers, putties, fillers, also tools and equipment, painting accessories, tapes etc. 

On the second floor of our shops in Tallinn you can find Wallpaper salons with fine collection of wallpapers. In the salons we also offer flooring materials, wall stickers, decorative paints for interior elements and stencils. Our rich wallpaper collection meets the needs of even the most demanding clients – Eco, Boråstapeter, MrPerswall, Romo, VillaNova, Pihlgren & Ritola. In the flooring range you can find high-quality brands - Upofloor, Parador and Kronotex. 

We also offer painted (white) wide wood baseboards and door casings in Scandinavian style. You can order unfinished baseboards and casings.
Competent designers are giving advice and helping to find the right interior and exterior decorating solutions. Consultation in our salons is free of charge, at the client’s 32€/h. Make an appointment with our designer for consultation today!

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Kadaka tee 32, 10621 Tallinn
tel värvikauplus: +372 650 7440
tel tapeedisalong: +372 650 7444
tel kontor: +372 650 7445
kauplus avatud E-R 8-18; L 9-15

Peterburi tee 52a, 11415 Tallinn

tel värvikauplus: +372 606 2220, +372 606 2221
tel tapeedisalong: +372 606 2233, +372 510 8024
tel kontor: +372 606 2235
faks: +372 606 2229
kauplus avatud E-R 8-18; L9-15
tööstusosakond avatud E-R 8-16.30


Turu 53, 50106 Tartu UUS!
tel värvikauplus: +372 730 0230, +372 730 0231
tel kontor: +372 730 0235
faks: +372 730 0239
viimistlusseadmete müük, rent ja hooldus
kauplus avatud: E-R 7:30-18; L9-15


Suur- Jõe 75, 80041 Pärnu

tel värvikauplus: +372 442 7800, +372 442 7801
tel kontor: +372 442 7805
faks: +372 442 7809
kauplus avatud E-R 8-18; L ja P suletud
(ladu avatud E-R 8:00-16:30): Pae 8, Pärnu

Värvikeskuste Grupp OÜ

jur aadress: Turu 53, 50106 Tartu
registrikood: 10172647
KMKR: EE100035742
a/a EE331010152001497000, AS SEB Pank

Seotud tegevusalad

   mööblivärvid, mööblivahad jms
interior decoration materials
   fnishing works
   paints, varnishes
   parquet, floor coverings
   põrandaliistud, ukseliistud, laekarniisid
   savikrohv, lubikrohv
   sticker sheets
building works, building materials
   building materials, building shops
   ehituskivid, müüriplokid, müürisegud
   facade works
   fire retardant wood treatment
   natural stones, stone works
   wooden materials
   building of saunas
   sauna care products

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