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+372 503 5141
Laane 4, 75501 Saku, Harjumaa
+372 503 5141
Laane 4, 75501 Saku, Harjumaa
Lossikivi started working with natural stone extracting, processing and selling in autumn 1990. We have worked with many different natural stone materials and thanks to our work Ungru limestone regained its place in the market as a building material. Lossikivi was one of the first companies to start importing natural stone materials from China and Germany in the Estonian market, now we have more than twenty five years of experience.

Our main operating fields today are:

  •     sales of different Estonian limestones and imported granites, quartzites, sandstones etc,
  •     building of natural stone facades,
  •     natural stone installing (floors, walls, stairs, windowsills, pavings etc.),
  •     consultation for finding suitable natural stone material and installment method,
  •     sales of Tweha glues (gluing systems) and Dyny stone protection products.

The founder and executive director of Lossikivi is Aivar Allikmaa. He graduated Tartu University and has a degree in geology engineering.

Lossikivi has several good partners in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and elsewhere, whom we can ask for professional advice and help if needed.

We hope to be helpful in finding the best solution for you.
Tegevusalapuuga seotud valdkonnad:

- kitchen worktop
- interior decoration materials
- ceramic panels
- building works, materials, facades, roofs
- building materials, building shops
- facade works
- natural stones, stone works
- stone houses
- staircases
- gates, fences, posts
- paving stones

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