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SILMANI ELEKTER AS switches, electroinstallation materials, lighting fittings

+372 671 1220
Kadaka tee 56, 12915 Tallinn, Harjumaa
+372 671 1221
+372 671 1220
Kadaka tee 56, 12915 Tallinn, Harjumaa
+372 671 1221
Silman Elekter is a dynamically developing Estonian company, founded in 1992.
Our main business is importing and distributing electroinstallation materials and lighting fittings in Estonian market.

We are distributor and stock-keeper for the following companies from all over the Europe:
  • Austria – PC Electric;
  • Belgium – Multiline;
  • Czech Republic – Fenix, Vyrtych;
  • Denmark – Flashlight, Luxo, Nordlux;
  • Germany – Berker, GGK, Insta, IP44, Moser Systemelektrik, Next, Oktalite, Osram, Schmitz Leuchten, Serien Leuchten, Starlicht, Trilux, WE-EF, Werma, WHD;
  • Greece- Olympia Electronics;
  • Italy – Civic, Lanzini, Martinelli Luce, Metalspot, Mizar, Palazzoli, Prisma, P.U.K., Segno, Tre Ci Luce, Viabizzuno, Canalplast;
  • Latvia – Evopipes
  • Netherlands – Lumotech;
  • Portugal – JSL;
  • Poland – Zamel, Lena Lighting, Awex;
  • Russia – Lighting Technologies;
  • Slovakia – OMS;
  • Sweden – Partex Marking Systems;
  • Spain – Aplicaciones Tecnologicas, Arkoslight, Fontini, Indal, Luzifer Lamps, Simon Connect, Zennio, Zalux;
  • UK – Friedland, Hamilton Litestat, Orbik.
Our head-office and stock are situated in Tallinn, capital city of Estonia in the most popular business area for the electrical companies in the town. Branch office is located in Tartu – the second biggest town in Estonia. Our sales network covers completely the hole territory of Estonia. We are also having sales contacts in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia.
Our sales strategies can roughly be divided into four target groups:
Retailers and wholesalers;
Architects, designers and engineers;
Installation and construction companies;
Industrial and public end-users.
Silman Elekter is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce in Tallinn since 1994.

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