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Toilet brushes in WC iterior

Toilet brush gold

Toilet themes are uncomfortable for some consumers!

Many buyers are embarrassed to ask sellers of such things in ordinary stores. However, this product can be a good brand and created by a famous designer. In addition, the toilet brush is an indispensable element in both public and home toilets. online store offers the widest range of metal accessories for the bathroom. And toilet bruch is the most popular search term for our customers.

Toilet brushes have different types of fastening: both wall mounting (bolts and glue) and floor solutions.

The range of materials is very large: brass, zinc-aluminum alloy, stainless steel AISI304 and stainless steel AISI316L (acid-resistant).

Finish options such as chrome or mirror polishing, as well as PVD coating: bronze, brass, gold, steel, copper, nickel.

Matte solutions: black, matte gold, brushed steel, matte copper, matte brass, matte bronze.

Painted products: the most popular colors are white and black, you can also order RAL colors.

The most popular brands are: D Line - Denmark, Haceka - Netherlands, VOLA - Denmark, Mediclinics - Spain, Damixa - Denmark, Frost - Denmark, Unidrain Reframe - Denmark, Ophardt Hygiene - Germany, Nicolazzi - Italy, Wagner-Ewar Germany, etc.

There are many different styles, whether it is a classic or modern minimalist solution.

Check out the product group of toilet brushes at this link here

The toilet brush, as a rule, is only one of the items in the collection, the entire collection we present here

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