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Kitchen taps Damixa Silhouet PRO and Touchless PRO

Kitchen taps Damixa Silhouet PRO and Touchless PRO

The kitchen taps today is not only a functional utility but also a design object that expresses the character of the kitchen and fits into the style of the home.

Kitchen taps Damixa Silhouet PRO

Cool design and PRO functionality

The Damixa Silhouet Pro kitchen tap combines both a cool design and the functionality of a professional kitchen tap. Silhouet Pro is equipped with a flexible hose and shower head, which allows you to use the sink to the full. The water jet can be easily angled and cleaned and washed anywhere, and you can activate the water spray at the touch of a button to quickly rinse larger areas. Silhouet Pro is perfect for modern kitchens and also adds an industrial feel to classic kitchens.

Kitchen faucets Damixa Silhouet Touchless PRO

Faucets Damixa Silhouet Touchless Pro is a new type of non-contact tap designed for home use. The tap is stylish, practical and hygienic, as you never have to touch it with dirty hands.

The water flow of the touchless faucet is activated when your hand or other object is placed in front of the sensor under the spout. This allows the water tap to be operated with a touch screen, which is both comfortable and hygienic. When the hand is removed, the water flow stops. Which saves water and eliminates unwanted water wastage.

Silhouet Touchless Pro offers the benefits of a touchless tap, as well as the functionality of a professional kitchen.


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