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PALMATIN OÜ log houses, sauna houses

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+372 605 4895
Tammi tee 40b, 76906 Tabasalu, Harku vald, Harjumaa
+372 605 4895
Tammi tee 40b, 76906 Tabasalu, Harku vald, Harjumaa
Custom made wooden houses from project to assembly

Palmatin is an Estonian log home manufacturer. As a quality manufaturer of log homes our goal is to create an ecologically friendly building environment and guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. To do that we are using machine-based technology to design, manufacture and build round log houses and squared log houses.

Our product range includes:

Log homes
Log cabins, summer houses
Log houses, hotels, campings
Log home garages
Garden furniture

Our team has been manufacturing log homes and other log buildings since 1991. Our methods are based on the knowledge and technology of leading Scandinavian companies. We are constantly perfecting our manufacturing process of our log homes to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. This has increased our production numbers considerably over the years.

In cooperation with Tallinn Technical University we have created a special computer program to help with the designing process of log homes.

 We have sold more than 500 log homes (bigger than 100 square meters), mainly to other European countries. Our log homes can be found in Germany, Norway, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, but also in Japan, Ukraine and Russia and of course Estonia.

Our production facility is situated 8 km to the west of Tallinn in Tabasalu, on a 3,8 hectare property. The size of the facility, including the warehouses is 5900 square meters.

Palmatin is a member of the Estonian Wooden Houses Association and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry .
Tegevusalapuuga seotud valdkonnad:

- garden furniture, terrace furniture
- building works, materials, facades, roofs
- building works
- house projects
- log houses, wooden houses
- staircases
- stair masters
- saunas
- building of saunas
- ready-made saunas

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